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Simple Activities for Seniors That Will Prevent Falls

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Fall prevention is not exactly the most exciting subject to talk about, but it becomes incredibly important as you go through your life. As people age, agility deteriorates significantly, and what used to be a short walk from the doorway to the sidewalk can become incredibly hazardous. More importantly, our innate nature to protect our loved ones, especially our grandparents, from falling and sustaining severe injuries will compel us to delve into this matter.

There are a few things you can encourage your seniors to do to prevent slip-and-fall injuries and help them live an active life to negate physical degeneration. These activities will also help curb the number of seniors sustaining serious injuries caused by falling.

Here are some of the fall-prevention strategies you can suggest.

Regular Exercise

If your grandparents or other senior loved ones can still exercise, always encourage them to do so! The best way to do it is to make it a group activity. Physical activity improves coordination, balance and develops energy. There are many ways seniors can exercise: aerobics, yoga, walking, jogging, and dancing.

Regular Eye Check-Ups

One of the common impairments for senior adults is blurred or failing vision. Encourage them to go to their eye doctor to see if they need new glasses to wear. With blurry eyes, they are more prone to accidents like slipping and falling. There may be hazards or obstacles on the floor or the doorway that they could no longer spot.

Assistive Devices

Senior adults who have a hard time walking and roaming around the house should be encouraged to use a cane or a walker. To ensure that they are using it properly, you can get a physical therapist to provide them with tips and tricks to use it as assistance more than depending on it to walk.

Light Up the Living Space

Help your seniors light up their place and keep their home brightly lit to avoid tripping on objects that are hard to see. Remind them to turn on the lights before going up or downstairs. Get them a flashlight and keep it near their bed for easy access during power outages.

Another thing you can do to help them is to walk them around the house to help them become more familiar with the fixtures around, avoiding possible bumps or falls. Also, help them identify obstacles, slippery floors, and other hazards that could cause an accident.

Help Manage Their Medication

During their check-up, ask your senior loved one to bring their prescription to have it reviewed by their doctor. The doctor may consider taking them off drugs that affect their thinking or make them get tired much more quickly. With these types of medication out of the way, they will become more mentally alert as they roam around the house, potentially preventing trips and falls.

Wear Sensible Shoes

Check their footwear and see if they can be a potential cause of their fall. Advise them to change their slippers if they are floppy or slick, and prevent them from wearing and walking in their socks. You can give them more appropriate footwear as a perfect present during occasions. Wearing the proper orthopedic footwear can help in reducing joint pains, too!


Sadly, not all accidents can be prevented. The risk of senior loved ones falling or tripping in their homes will always remain. What you can only do, on your end, is to have them constantly checked. Caring for them is the best medicine you can give them.

But in case you or a loved one sustains an injury due to a fall caused by someone else’s negligence, you can make them accountable for the accident. You can consult a slip and fall accident attorney in Coral Gables to help you with the case.

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