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Do Insurance Companies Hire Investigators to Follow You?

An insurance company’s business model is that it must find a way to not pay out your claim. If it doesn’t find a reason to pay, then it can’t function as a business. That’s why it’s important that the company conducts an investigation to determine if or not to pay your claim.

Sometimes, an insurance company will hire a private investigator to look into your injuries and determine if they are real. This type of investigation is usually carried out to protect against potential fraud. Although insurance companies have a legitimate reason to hire investigators to watch out for potential fraud, they also sometimes hire investigators to look into people who are genuinely injured.

Even if a private investigator doesn’t catch you doing something that could be considered a contradiction of your claim, they will still report the findings to the insurance company. You should be assured that the private investigators can’t do anything to your privacy.

It’s also possible that the investigators will try and follow you around in public areas to gather information. Be careful when filing a lawsuit against an insurance company, especially if there’s a big claim against it.

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