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When two people fall in love and decide to marry, neither the new husband nor wife thinks their marriage will divorce. However, the reality is that approximately fifty percent of all marriages will end in divorce.

That means if your marriage ends in a divorce, it isn’t because there was something wrong with either one of you. It simply means that sometimes things don’t work out, and people grow apart. But what happens to the kids involved? Do they get caught up in the middle of an ugly custody battle, or do they get to stay with both parents no matter what happens between them? We think every child deserves to have two loving parents who want them around even when their relationship doesn’t work out. Dream Team Law is here to help.

Another important reason to choose Dream Team to handle your divorce is their network of forensic accountants to uncover any hidden assets that belong to each party. Vanessa and her Family Law staff also have psychologists to help children deal with stressful situations and mediators to help keep costs down for all parties involved.

Not all Family Law Attorneys are the same. Attorney Vanessa Dream understands not only the complexity of today’s relationships but is also committed to making your experience a positive one with compassion, integrity, and empathy. We know what you are going through and have the expertise to ensure your rights and your family are protected.

Dream Team Law, fighters, and friends are always by your side.



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