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Ride Share Accidents

Ride Share Accidents | Vanessa E. Dream, Esq.

In the next few decades, car companies will be a thing of the past. Companies like Lyft and Uber are in their prime now, with people craving rideshare services more than ever before, not to mention that they’re cheaper too! Transportation is changing at such an accelerated rate these days – we can’t even keep up! Car-service and rideshare companies have become increasingly popular because nobody has time for public transportation anymore. And let’s face it: you’re always going to get stuck on your way home when there’s some incident or accident on any given day, which usually leads to traffic jams as well (which again makes no sense since I’d rather avoid being late every night).

If you have been injured in a car accident while riding as a passenger of an Uber, Lyft, or Sidecar rideshare driver and need to recover damages for the injury sustained during this unfortunate event– know that there are options available. The major rideshare companies generally all carry $1million liability policies which could entitle you to compensation from these organizations precisely because they were at fault through their negligent operation when your injuries occurred due to one of them being behind the wheel.

You should always get medical attention if necessary after an accident, and be sure to take notes about what happened. But don’t talk to insurance companies or adjusters – they have a vested interest in cutting you off from the best possible representation! The only way out is through your injury attorney with experience dealing with auto accidents like yours. When something goes wrong on the road, it can mean months of work for a lawyer who specializes in car crash injuries; that’s why we’re here 24/7, so call now toll-free at 844-400-TEAM

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