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Seeking Proper Treatment & Legal Counsel After Your Accident is the Key to Maximum Compensation

You’ve been injured in a car accident, and you’ve hired an attorney. Now what? If you think you are going to receive a check like you ordered it with two-day shipping, it’s not the case.

For you to receive the maximum compensation for your injuries, you need to be seen by a medical professional that understands the types of injuries you may have sustained. There are obvious injuries like broken bones, deep cuts that require stitches, and more severe injuries that necessitate immediate surgery or a scheduled procedure. Either way, it’s critically important that you receive the proper medical treatment and documentation for your injuries.

There are also other types of injuries which most medical professionals and the insurance companies refer to as “Soft-Tissue Injuries.” These are the types of injuries that do not show up on X-Rays but still cause a lot of pain.

Generally, when someone is involved in a car accident their body is exposed to a great amount of force. Seat belts do a great job of protecting your body from flying through the windshield or even being ejected from the vehicle, but the force at which it takes the seat belt to keep you inside the vehicle also puts a tremendous amount of strain on your neck muscles, back muscles, and joints. That is why it is very common for people who are involved in a car accident to complain about a sore neck and back. It doesn’t matter how hard the impact is, it boils down to “if you ‘ve been hit, you’ve been hurt.”

To properly determine the extent of your injuries, you may need to have an MRI performed. An MRI is a machine that consists of very powerful magnets that can show what soft tissue damage you may have, such as herniated disks in the neck and back. An MRI can also detect very small fractures that may have been missed by a traditional X-RAY.

If you do have injuries, you are going to have to receive proper treatment AND documentation, so you can be paid for you pain and suffering. to the ideal goal is to get yourself back to how you felt BEFORE prior to your accident. It’s very important that you follow the advice of both your doctor and lawyer to get the maximum compensation you deserve.

If you have any question about either the medical or legal aspects with your car accident injuries, please call Vanessa E. Dream, Esq. at Dream Team Law 1-855-255-TEAM.

Seeking Proper Treatment & Legal Counsel
Article Name
Seeking Proper Treatment & Legal Counsel
Seeking Proper Treatment & Legal Counsel After Your Accident is the Key to Maximum Compensation

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