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Dream Team Law

Dream Team Law is a Coral Gables-based full-service law firm that handles Personal Injury, Immigration, Bankruptcy, and Family Law. We have experienced, qualified, and knowledgeable attorneys who are committed to helping solve your problems. Dream Team Law is lead by Navy Veteran Vanessa E. Dream. Vanessa fought for her country, and she will fight for you.

Personal Injury

Choosing the right firm to handle a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or any other injury that you’ve experienced that was not your fault is extremely important. It would help if you had a Dream Team by your side to get you healthy, help get your car fixed, get compensation for lost wages, and more.


Dream Team Law understands the inherent stresses that go along with becoming a U.S Citizen. Trust the experienced Dream Team Law to help you achieve your American dream. Dream Team Law is located in Coral Gables but assisting immigrants in becoming U.S citizens throughout the entire state of Florida.


Sometimes, you need to hit the reset button on your financial life. Bankruptcy is not the end but a chance at a new beginning. Let the lawyers at Dream Team Law help you get a fresh start. Located in Coral Gables, but serving the entire state of Florida, Vanessa E. Dream and her Dream Team of lawyers and staff know the intricacies of bankruptcy and loan modifications to give you that reset you need.

Family Law

We all grow up with the dream of living happily ever after. Sadly that is not the case. About 50% of marriages end up in divorce. No matter what you look at it, a divorce will be stressful, time-consuming, and costly. Vanessa E. Dream and her qualified, experience, and knowledgeable staff understands the emotional and financial stress involved in divorce and will do everything they can to make this time in your life as stress-free as possible. Located in Coral Gables but helping couples all across South Florida, “de-couple.”

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